Christmass Log

Online festive concert of the bigband
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How do we attune to Christmas? How do we get beyond our pother? How does our childlike belief of magic, wonder and angels arise in us while we are preparing for the holy days? The Christmas Log is a self-reflective walk of an adult among his childhood-memories and his present perceptions, feelings and thoughts in form of a monologue and music. Where the verbal expression reaches its limits the music takes over. A fragile balance is preserved throughout the performance between storytelling and musical reflections, which makes the audience sense the atmosphere of the holy days in an intuitive and cognitive manner. This way the social experience can turn into a deep inner journey for the viewer. Christmas Log gives the audience a chance to contemplate on their own attitude towards the holy days.

Christmas Log
19th December 2020
7:30pm – 10pm
Streamed from Budapest Music Center
(The not listed Youtube URL will be attached to the tickets)

Modern Art Orchestra will stream a unique concert on the 19th of December, the first event of the band’s online appearances to come. This special occasion will devote itself to the upcoming holy days. Christmas Log is an artistic project that synthesizes music, literature and theatre.

The audience will whitness the compositions of Kornél Fekete-Kovács alongside the novel of György Hegyi, narrated by actor Ferenc Lengyel. Christmas Log is a bittersweet philosophical memoire that reflects on Christmas Eve and the days that surround it. Let’s spend the holy days in the name of art and culture!