János Ávéd

János Ávéd  Biography


He was born in 1983 in Szeged (Hungary). He started playing alto saxophone at age of 12. He played at the Hungarian Pavilon at the Hannover Expo 2000 with as a member of a brass band from his town. In 2001 an early audition at the jazz faculty of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music made him make his decision to choose a musical career. Besides attending music college, he also began his studies at the University of Technology and Economy. He started to learn composition at this time.

In 2005 he could go on with his artistci studies under the tutelage of renowned Hungarian sax players, Mihály Borbély and István Elek at the Jazz faculty of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary. As a student he participated in the Souffle d’Orient at Centre Pompidou project in Paris. He graduated in 2009. He finished MSc in 2012 as jazz-saxophone teacher at the same institution.
From 2006 János has been playing in a wide range of different professional music groups in Hungary. With Transform Quintet he was touring with Joey Calderazzo.
In January 2008 Kornél-Fekete Kovács invited him to the Modern Art Orchestra. He has been playing with Péter Eötvös, UMZE Chamber Ensemble, Perico Sambeat, Marc Miralta, Bert Joris.
With the same band we had the opportunity to represent Hungary at the Shanghai Expo in 2010.
Since 2009, János Ávéd has been playing with most of the most outstanding jazz artists in Hungary. He also played with many international stars incl. Miroslav Vitous and Kurt Elling.
With his band called Balance they use any common or loosely composed melodies to invent music on the stage in a fully improvised, free form way. (Márton Fenyvesi – guitar, Ákos Benkó – drums)
They Their first album Balance is released by BMC. They scored full marks featuring David Binney at Palace of Arts, Budapest in 2013.
His aim to invent a stylistic independent musical language with his own quartet with musicians from different backgrounds (László Fassang – organ, Balázs Horváth – bass,  Zsolt Sárvári-Kovács – drums.) The album called Have News is one of the leading jazz albums at Hunnia Records.
János composed a 9 parts piece for the Modern Art Orchestra named The Fruit Of Spirit inspired by Epistle to the Galatians by Paul the Apostle. They played it first night in 2015.