MAO: Cimbalom concerts – special guest: Miklós Lukács


Start time19:30

VenueBudapest Music Center

Cimbalom Concerts

In the history of big band, as type of musical ensemble the ‘cimbalom big band’ is without any precedent so far. Kristóf Bacsó, excellent composer and member of Modern Art Orchestra, realises this idea and composes a piece for cimbalom and big band at the time. Come and join us on the premiere of Restringed Music – Suite for Cimbalom and Jazz Orchestra – a piece with contemporary classical and modern jazz elements, with the hint of the sound of the heritage of Bela Bartók, a certain Central and Eastern European atmosphere.

The piece of Kornél Fekete-Kovács entitled Elements originally written in 2012 – dedicated to Kornél’s grandfather, a cimbalom player himself – plays with the possibilies given by the instrument in three movements. Kornél composed his piece directly for Miklós Lukács, famous Hungarian cimbalom player. Gábor Subicz, excellent composer and member of the orchestra, extensively reworked it for the Modern Art Orchestra big band, this will be the very first time you can hear it.

And just to make it perfect, the concert is complete with our special guest, Miklós Lukács on stage.