Modern Art Orchestra

The Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture Project

Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa Projekt
(photo: Stépán Virág)
The Modern Art Orchestra celebrates its 18th birthday in 2023. With the coming of age, we have been given the gift of a year behind us, and many experiences, meaningful performances, interested eyes and understanding ears that our ensemble has enjoyed within the framework of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture event series. It was a great experience for us to be part of the life of the region. We shared our repertoire with thousands of people from the VEB2023 region at 24 events of MAO throughout the year!
Kővári Zsuzsanna - festőművész, Balatonalmádi
Kővári Zsuzsanna - festőművész, Balatonalmádi (photo: Takács Janka)


Interview with Zsuzsanna Kővári

Zsuzsanna Kővári, an amateaur artist lives in the Balaton region and she participates in cultural matters of the lake very actively. She was the first person that popped into my mind when we started MAO’s one-year project in the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Cultural Capital Program. I asked her first in my network about ways of spreading the information in the region of the band’s VEB2023 opening event and our following concerts.
We shared thoughts about our opening double concert’s communication alternatives that was organized in Hangvilla, Veszprém on the 1-2 nd of March 2023.

She did not only share her valuable experience and network but also joined in the communication campaign.

I asked her about her volunteering experience with MAO:
“It is always a pleasure for me to join cultural events that are really valuable and of high standards, furthermore not so well known for a lot of people in our region. It is a joy to share news about concerts that provide an unforgettable experience. The EKF project offered a wide variety of cultural programs often with outstanding artists. These events were reachable easily for some people during this one-year period, but I also had the experience that people were lacking information and could not go to certain programs. When Kinga called me for help I was very enthusiastic about volunteering in spreading the flyers to places where a lot of people show up like cultural centers, schools, entertainment facilities. Wherever I went during this period of the campaign I let people know about the concerts and spoke about this internationally known orchestra. There were a lot of people who welcomed the information of MAO. Finally I attended the project opening concerts with several of my friends.

Event Calendar

Dátum  Koncert Helyszín Eseménylink
01.03.2023 MAO plays Kodály - Fölszállott a Páva / The Peacock Veszprém, Hangvilla
02.03.2023 MAO plays Béla Bartók’s 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs Veszprém, Hangvilla
11.05.2023 MAO Creative Crew Kapolcs, Művészvölgy Kúria
11.05.2023 Sacred Music Kapolcs, Katolikus Templom
09.06.2023 MAO Creative Crew Keszthely, Premontrei Szakgimnázium
16.06.2023 MAO Creative Crew Veszprém, Vetési Albert Gimnázium
04.07.2023 MAO interaktív workshop Felsőörs, Snétberger Tehetség Központ
14.07.2023 Sacred Music Balatonboglár, Evangélikus Templom
15.07.2023 MAO plays Kodály - Fölszállott a Páva / The Peacock Balatonboglár, Jazz és a Bor Fesztiválja
16.07.2023 Sacred Music Balatonfüred, Evangélikus Templom
11.08.2023 MAO Creative Crew Zánka, színjátszó tábor
11.08.2023 MAO plays Béla Bartók’s 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs Balatongyörök, BorKorzó
16.08.2023 MAO plays Ferenc Liszt: Via Crucis Tihanyi Bencés Apátság
18.08.2023 Sacred Music Vászoly, Vízi Színpad
03.09.2023 Bánya Jazz feat. MAO Salföld, Bánya Kert
29.09.2023 MAO Creative Crew Vonyarcvashegy, Eötvös Károly Általános Iskola
29.09.2023 Sacred Music Balatongyörök, Katolikus Templom
19.10.2023 MAO Creative Crew Veszprém, Csermák Antal Zeneiskola
25.10.2023 MAO interaktív workshop Veszprém, Csermák Antal Zeneiskola
20.11.2023 MAO Creative Crew Balatonfüred, Ferencsik János Zeneiskola
03.12.2023 Swing-swing Kávéház feat. MAO Veszprém, Hangvilla
05.12.2023 MAO plays LIGETI 100 Veszprém, ActiCity
20.12.2023 MAO Creative Crew Veszprém, Deák utcai Rendezvényközpont
20.12.2023 MAO Sacred Music Káptalantóti, Parókia Coworking