József Barcza-Horváth

Double bass, bass

The 1974-born musician learned jazz as an auto-didact, he studied classical music at Szent István Music School, the Bartók Conservatory and at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. He never had a master in jazz double bass, he gained his very unique and versatile style while playing this adventurous and improvisative genre based on his high standard technical knowledge from classical studies.

One can listen to his playing on more than 30 recordings. He worked with formations and performers like the Gustav Mahler Youngster Ensemble, The Budapest Festival Orchestra, Tony Lakatos, Erik Truffaz, Chris Potter, Joshua Redman, Mike Moreno, Gerald Presencer, vagy Gregory Hutchinson.

He is currently teaching at the Rajkó-Talentum Art School, he gained the Artisjus Educator Award for his music teaching work. He is an outstanding figure of Hungarian jazz’s midd-generation.