MAO Plays Bartók Béla

Modern Art Orchestra Plays Béla Bartók: 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs

Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs is a collection of short folk melodies by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. Originally arranged for piano, these movements are transcripted into big band pieces by the Modern Art Orchestra’s creative minds: Kristóf Bacsó, János Ávéd, Gábor Subicz and Kornél Fekete-Kovács. The short songs are transcripted conserving and respecting completely their original form. The links between the pieces are built by the conducted improvisation of the wonderful musicians.
Directly from its homeland the MAO brings the sound of the heritage of Bela Bartók, a certain Central and Eastern European atmosphere.


  • Veronika Harcsa (vocal),
  • László Gőz (bass trumpet),
  • Mihály Dresch (saxophone)
  • Miklós Lukács (cymbalo)