Gábor Subicz

Trumpet, flugelhorn

Gábor was born in 1983 in Debrecen. He started playing jazz in 2002 as the pupil of Kornél Fekete-Kovács. In 2003, he attended the Kőbánya Music Studio for a year, and then continued to the jazz faculty of the Academy of Music, where he graduated in 2008.

He received a 3rd prize on the Jazz Combo Competition of the Hungrian Jazz Federation, with the Dezső Oláh Group. He won the 3rd prize, the special prize and the audience award on the Rudolf Tomsits Competition of Bartók Rádió in 2008. He won a 1st prize in the same year on Balatonfüred Jazz Festival with the Sándor Molnár Quintet.

Gábor won 1st prizes on the Jazz Composition Competition of the Hungarian Jazz Federation in 2012 both for his compositions and his arrangements. He was awarded a 3rd prize on the same competition 2 years later for his big band compositions. He took the 1st prize on the 2nd European Big Band Composer Competition in Copenhagen, in 2014.

Gábor is contributing to several jazz and pop bands in Hungary. He founded his own band, Subtones, in 2008 and he is also a founding member of the Modern Art Orchestra. He is very active as a composer and arranger, he has written several hours of material especially for MAO and he also composes and arranges music for the most diverse formations.