Ávéd János

János Ávéd

Tenor sax, flute, clarinet

János was born in Szeged in 1983. At the Primary Music School of Mindszent, alongside learning the fundamentals, he developed an admiration and vocation for music. He was mentored by Gábor Kollmann at “Postás”, and Mihály Borbély and István Elek at the Academy. János is a saxophonist, arranger and composer at the Modern Art Orchestra since 2008. His presence in MAO is a significant factor in his development in music, as he had the fortune to work together with some of the greatest artists, also as a soloist. János was a member of Guillaume Orti’s European Saxophone Ensemble, with which he traveled around Europe. He performed or recorded with several iconic figures of the Hungarian jazz scene.
The second album of his band, Balance, was published in 2020 by Budapest Music Center and was titled For We Know in Part. János also leads a quartet labeled with his name. The band’s album titled Have News was published by Hunnia Records in 2016.